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Websites listed on this page are selected by me, Barry Robinson, as being content rich and useful to simulators.This does not imply that I endorse or recommend any products on those websites unless otherwise stated. Where applicable, I've written a short introduction describing the site. Please note that I do not "trade" links or allow any advertising on my website. Links may be added or deleted at any time on my whim.

Simulation in Healthcare

Websites listed under this heading are primarily institutional simulation programs and associations of simulators.

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Healthcare Simulation Manufacturers

These are manufacturers of simulation equipment including mannequins and partial task trainers. Each manufacturer has carved out their own niche in this fast growing field.

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Audio Visual and management Solutions for Healthcare Simulation

Companies listed here provide audio visual and/or management software for simulation centres.

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Various websites devoted to medical and emergency training in various modalities.

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Emergency Medicine and Trauma

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Disaster and Emergency Response

An emergency is a situation which poses an immediate threat to health, life, property or the environment. A disaster is an event which overwhelms available local or regional resources. War, civil unrest, terrorist acts, natural disasters, infastructure failures and industrial accidents can be the cause of an emergency or disaster. Disaster and emergency management is the disipline of dealing with emergencies and disasters. It consists of four phases: prevention, mitigation, preparedness and response.

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Special Makeup Effects and Prosthetics

Primarily about makeup and prosthetics of interest to those involved in medical simulation and casualty simulation.

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Computing in Healthcare Simulation

Computing, in terms of creating the software, is becoming a larger part of healthcare simulation outside of established companies.

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Things which didn't seem to fit in elsewhere but may be of interest to medical simulators, casualty simulators or medical professionals.

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