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 Northern Simulation Symposium - 2017

Innovate! Materials and Methods for Healthcare Simulation

This is the resources page for the presentation I gave at the Northern Simulation Symposium on 27 April 2017, entitled "Innovate! Materials and Methods for Healthcare Simulation."

The main theme of my presentation is that to innovate in simulation we must expand our repertoire of materials and methods. Without a sufficently broad base to draw from we will tend to use inappropriate or ineffective materials and methods in our search for a solution to a problem. A secondary theme is that we often don't innovate insomuch as we renovate and resuscitate. In the remainder of my presentation I quickly covered a variety of materials that can be used in healthcare simulation. For more about this, see my PowerPoint presentation (as a PDF) below.

I've included links to available resources on the internet and have given a short description of each link. If you have any questions send me an email (see my contact page).

Here are some resources from my presentation:

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